We’re Buying A House!

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I can barely contain my excitement over this but two weeks ago I put in an offer on a house that I fell in love with and I’m going just a little crazy waiting until closing date. I figure why not spend my time blogging and sharing our progress on here to help pass the time. Plus, I fully intended to blog our projects anyway once we start renovations so might as well get a head-start. I know, I know, a million things could stop us from closing, but no I refuse to be negative. May 9th is the day those hot little keys will be in my hand!

Buying a home is such a dream come true for Kira and I. It still amazes me, that we are actually doing this.

If you know me on a personal level, you know that we’ve been living with my dad (and so thankful to do so) since my divorce last year.  Trust me when I say, it was a hard adjustment to make. If you’ve ever moved back in with your parents as an adult you know what I’m talking about.

It was hard for me, but she felt it even more. Having nowhere designated as her “play area” and worrying about her breaking something in Grandpa’s non-kid friendly house was tough for her, but she made it through. It’s been a long time coming and we are ready to be in our home finally.

What I love most about this new house is that it has become more than just a house to us. It’s become somewhat symbolic for us both. To us, it’s a sign that we are moving forward and conquering the world one day at a time together.

It’s a beautiful home, and something someone could probably move right into but it’s not “our home”..not yet. It has some things that are wrong with it, some very bad design choices and it screams 1990s! While others might have moved past it because of the work ahead of them to bring it up to date, Kira and I see it as a challenge.

Truthfully, “new” isn’t us. We are old souls. We are shabby and chic with a touch of glitter. This is a home we can really customize and make our own. Metaphorically speaking, with everything that has happened in our lives over the last 18 months, I guess you could say she and I are fixer uppers and maybe that’s why we both fell in love with this house.

So, what’s next? Our inspection is done and so is the appraisal. We had a few minor things to work out with the owner but assuming those are all done on time, I should have those keys in my hands on May 9th. Then it’s onto the good stuff. A complete home makeover!

Kira and I will be making all the decisions together and doing most of the work together too. She even helped with the decision to make an offer on this house. This is our house and we are going to make it our home with our own special touches. The memories we are going to make while we turn this home upside down are going to be spectacular and we both can’t wait.

In the meantime, be sure to connect with Kira and I on Facebook and Instagram as we are going to document the whole process. How fun is that? Ok, maybe not so much the buying…who wants to see pictures of inspections? But seriously, this kid and her faces she makes will be worth it, I promise.

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