We Bought a House!

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Can I just say…aaaahhhhhhh It’s finally here. We bought a house! That’s right folks, we’ve closed the deal, signed the dotted line and little miss Kira and I are the proud owners of our first home.

We are absolutely in love with this house and can’t wait to get started with renovating, decorating and making it all ours!

We Bought a House

As some of you know, Kira and I moved to the Charleston area last May, staying with my dad while we looked for a house. A month turned into 3 months, 3 months turned into 6 months and 6 months turned into a year! I still can’t believe I’ve survived sharing a bedroom with a 5 year old for a whole year. I deserve a glass of wine right?

This house fits our style and personality exactly. It needs some updating and definitely some fixes but it’s just right for us. It has flaws, broken bits, and is imperfect; exactly what we were looking for. It needs healing and we are just the girls to give it the love it needs.

I love the traditional style of this home and it’s a great size for our little family with room to grow should that ever happen to cross our path again. It’s 2,400 square feet house with 4 regular bedrooms plus a FROG (finished room over the garage) that is quite large. So we’re working with 5 rooms here. Why does a single mom and a 5 year old need 5 bedrooms? Great question! We’ve got some dreams and wishes for this house and some of those wish list items require a little extra room. Take for example, my dream closet…I’m totally stealing an entire bedroom for that!


Kira, wants a really cool playroom that’s not her bedroom. Need a room for that. I’d also like to have a guestroom so that my older kids (yes I have 3 other adult children) will have no excuses not to come and visit as often as they want.

So while you wait for updates as we turn this house into a home meant just for us, be sure to connect with Kira and I on Facebook and Instagram as we are going to document the whole process. We plan to have an incredibly busy summer!

We’ve got our hammers and glitter ready!
~Misty and Kira

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