Water Damaged Subfloor Catastrophe and Replacement

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Hello glitter bugs! So I’m about to get real up in here today because this week has had me in tears. Stress? Yes, some, but also, I seemed to have fallen through my kitchen floor. Ouch! Let me tell you folks, it doesn’t sound like it would be that bad, we’re only talking a few feet right? Yes, but the shock of it happening, the muscles used to quickly pull myself out realizing my leg was shrouded in darkness and possibly spiders and the loss of one favorite shoe…makes a girl cry.

See this hole right here? My body was in it not long ago. Those sharp edges…designed to cut the crap out of my leg.

Water Damaged Subfloor Catastrophe and Replacement

This house I seemed to have gotten myself into has some water damage. After pulling the floor up in the kitchen, we discovered there was at least some water damage because we could see it, but I personally wasn’t quite aware until I attempted to lock my back door while making dinner and fell through the floor.

Water Damaged Subfloor Catastrophe and Replacement

I have two backdoors in my kitchen area. One is a sliding glass door with a broken door lock (do I feel safe? no) and the other, just a few feet away is a single swing door. Both…yes BOTH doors are leaking badly. Doors weren’t level, weren’t properly sealed and after replacing them learned they weren’t even leveled and shimmed. All of the subfloor along the back of the house was rotted. And no this wasn’t old damage. In fact, when we pulled it up, it was wet due to rain recently.

To make matters worse, it wasn’t just water damage. There was also some old termite damage. And oh yes, we weren’t the first to discover it. It appears they replaced a piece of subfloor once before and just threw some floor leveler on top and it and then added new flooring on top of it, but never fixed the leaks.


We made a game plan to replace the subfloor and the sliding glass back door. The swing door is fairly new so doesn’t need to be replaced. It just needed to be reinstalled.

In comes my friend Scott to the rescue. It’s good having handy fellas around when you’re a single mom on a budget, am I right? Not to mention, his level of internal fun matches that of my daughter, so it’s a win-win when he is around. 🙂

I ordered the door and wrangled my dad into picking it up in his truck for me in exchange for lunch (it’s totally true that food is the way to a man’s heart). Meanwhile, Scott pulled up and replaced all of the subfloor for me as well as reinforced some of the joists by sistering the joists to another piece of lumber just to make extra sure everything was solid.

Water Damaged Subfloor Catastrophe and Replacement

Once the subfloor was replaced, and I had no more fear of falling through the floor. I spent a good 5 minutes jumping up and down on it when nobody was looking just to make sure.

Water Damaged Subfloor Catastrophe and Replacement

Now it’s time for that new door to make its way into my house. I’ve had enough of the bugs coming inside.

Guess what folks? While you’d think you’d just need to know the width of a door to see if it’s the right size, that’s not actually true. Apparently height is not always standard either. Learn something new every day right? The opening for my door was a bit taller than the door which caused us a little bit f a problem. We had to build it up with 2X4’s and will need to extend the drywall down a bit to meet the door.

Subfloor water damage

We got as far as leveling, sealing and installing the door before it got late and I’m a happy girl now. We will worry about the trim and minor details later, but this momma is happy to have a safe home again and a door that actually locks.

And now that I’m feeling a little better about all of it, I will share the video I made after it happened. I’m a bit on the edge of tears but hey, I’m nothing but open about my catastrophes.

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