Renovation Success: Wallpaper Removal

How many times can you walk into a home improvement job and get that smooth sailing, easy going project from start to finish? Hardly ever, am I right? Well, it happened here. We removed wallpaper from the dining room successfully and I am happy to report it was a job so easy, even my 5 year old could do it. In fact, she did do it!

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So, first, let me just say, not all wallpaper removals go this smoothly. I have a project I will share later to prove just that…we’re talking LAYERS of wallpaper. This project however, was extremely easy and makes for a good step by step so here goes.

If you’ve been keeping up, you know how excited I am to be ridding myself of all of the brown in my house, so seeing this brown wallpaper leave my dining room gives me quite a warm fuzzy feeling.

To tackle this project, we only needed 4 things:

What you want to do before you do anything is score your wallpaper with the wallpaper scoring tool. This puts tiny little rips and holes in the wallpaper, and will allow the liquid solution to get under the paper a little easier. Super easy, just roll it across the paper with the scrapers down and be sure to get into corner if you can.

Wallpaper Scoring

Don’t spend a lot of time on it, just get a decent amount of scoring across the entire length of wallpaper.

Wallpaper Score Marks

Don’t press to hard on your scoring tool, or you will go through the wallpaper and damage your drywall. Just go lightly and you’ll be ok.

Next, follow the instructions for whatever solution you purchase and put it into the spray bottle. If you don’t have solution, you can also use warm water. We did that in the kitchen for a bit wallpaper to remove there and it worked almost as well as solution. You may want to lay down some protective cover on your flooring because you want to spray pretty generously and it will drip. We didn’t bother since we were on flooring that was about to be taken up.

Let the water or solution soak on the wallpaper for a few minutes and then using your scraper, gently start pushing the paper away from the walls. Once you get a bit of paper up, you might even be able to just pull it off the wall with your hands and just use the scraper at the seams. My kiddo was able to de-wallpaper this entire room by using that method (don’t worry she had a plastic scraper).

Wallpaper Removal

If you are lucky like we were, it will come off easily. Ours came off in giant sheets and barely needed any scraping at all. My 5 year old pretty much handled this project solo.

Finished Wallpaper Removal

We have since removed the flooring and the popcorn ceiling and I have to say I’m pretty happy to not see that brown wallpaper in there anymore. Great job on the wallpaper removal Kira!

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