A Little Pre-Demolish Home Tour

I'm about to dive headfirst into a huge home renovation projects so my blog posts will probably be a bit slow coming but be sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all that's been happening. So here we go...on with the "before" photos. This will be fun to come back and look at in 6 months after I've completely gutted the inside! The entry way before we start anything Everything in the house is brown. No really, everything. The walls, [...]

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We Bought a House!

Can I just say...aaaahhhhhhh It's finally here. We bought a house! That's right folks, we've closed the deal, signed the dotted line and little miss Kira and I are the proud owners of our first home. We are absolutely in love with this house and can't wait to get started with renovating, decorating and making it all ours! As some of you know, Kira and I moved to the Charleston area last May, staying with my dad while we looked for a house. A [...]

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We’re Buying A House!

I can barely contain my excitement over this but two weeks ago I put in an offer on a house that I fell in love with and I'm going just a little crazy waiting until closing date. I figure why not spend my time blogging and sharing our progress on here to help pass the time. Plus, I fully intended to blog our projects anyway once we start renovations so might as well get a head-start. I know, I know, a million things could [...]

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