A Little Pre-Demolish Home Tour

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I’m about to dive headfirst into a huge home renovation projects so my blog posts will probably be a bit slow coming but be sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see all that’s been happening.

So here we go…on with the “before” photos. This will be fun to come back and look at in 6 months after I’ve completely gutted the inside!

Home Tour - Entryway

The entry way before we start anything

Everything in the house is brown. No really, everything. The walls, the wood floors (only found in the dining room and entrance area by the way), the carpet, the cabinets in the kitchen, bathroom tile, and even the bathtub is a weird cream color with a hint of tan. My guess, the previous owners probably liked maybe a tuscan style of decorating. I’m not sure, but brown isn’t for me. It makes me sad. 🙁

My plan for this entry way:

  • Banish all the brown and go with a pretty cool grey
  • Replace the hardwood floor with the same hardwood floor going throughout the house
  • Take down those floor to ceiling columns and build some new newels at the end. In fact, completely overhaul that staircase (not sure how yet)

Home Tour - Dining Room

The dining room has a lower wallpaper treatment that I’m not a fan of so I plan to give it a bright white lower half and paint the upper area in a shade of grey from my color palette. I’m dreading the wallpaper removal already. Lord help me get through that.

Plans for the dining room:

  • Remove that wallpaper and paint it a crisp clean white.
  • Banish more brown and go with grey
  • Replace hardwood floor with new hardwood floor
  • Remove that light and put up a beautiful crystal chandelier and new ceiling medallion
  • Change up the windows with something soft and airy

Home Tour - Front Room

There’s a weird room off the left of the entry way that sites next to the living room. I’m sure this was meant to be a formal sitting room but there’s not a whole lot of “formal” about us so I may turn this into a library/music room. Still unsure on that though.

Plans for this front room:

  • Remove carpet and put in hardwood floor
  • Grey of course on the walls
  • How about some awesome new built in cabinets!

Home Tour - Living Room

I love the living room and how it’s open to the kitchen. I entertain a lot so I see a lot of interaction happening here with family and friends.  I love the fireplace but may make a few minor adjustments. I can visualize some built-ins on the fireplace too. Can you see it?

Plans for the living room:

  • Install new hardwood floors
  • Paint my favorite grey
  • White wash that brick fireplace
  • Remove the mantle and design something different
  • Built-ins around the fireplace perhaps?

Home Tour - Kitchen

The kitchen is basic…said in my best millennial attitude voice. So basic! Brown cabinets, black fridge and dishwasher, silver stove and yes, more brown tile flooring. This will probably be our biggest project but I still love it. Has great bones! The cabinets themselves appear to have some water damage to them so I don’t know if I will be able to paint or have to replace them. You just never know what this sort of thing until you get into it.

Plans for the kitchen:

  • Paint (or possibly replace if needed) all of the kitchen cabinets. Would love to go white.
  • All new appliances
  • Continue the hardwood floor replacement
  • New light figures
  • Butcher block countertops would be stellar in here
  • New tile backsplash

Home Tour - Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is a great size and has a beautiful tray ceiling that you’ll notice has popcorn for the finish. Popcorn ceiling is just “so 80’s” and is throughout the house. That will most likely be among one of the first things we handle up so get ready for some bicep selfies from yours truly! That work is brutal on the arms!

Plans for my master bedroom:

  • New carpet
  • Paint the walls
  • Replace the light figures
  • Possibly do a cool ceiling effect in the tray ceiling
  • Wall up over the old master closet

Home Tour - Master Closet

The master closet is too small for my taste and poor Kira hardly has a closet to speak of, so my plan is to convert a bedroom into my closet and open the wall up to give her my master closet. Perfect plan!

Plans for Kira’s room:

  • Knock down her current closet on the other side of this wall to open up her room a bit
  • Knock a door down in this wall and renovate this master closet into her new closet
  • Paint her favorite color
  • New carpet

Home Tour - Backyard

The back yard is a blank slate. It has so much potential but needs a lot of work. There’s nothing happening back here. The cool part is that we back up to the wetlands so we will never have neighbors behind us. We’ve also already discovered that we get our fair share of animals cruising along the back property line. I love that!

So there’s some “before” pics to work with. We have our work cut out for us but we can’t wait to start seeing some results!

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